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For Sale By Owner
Matching buyers and sellers online without estate agent fees. Essential guides to buying and selling a home.
Barns etc
Barns, oasthouses and stables with colour photos and full details.
Be Housed
Listings with details and information on placing an entry.
My Property For Sale
UK Property for sale by owner. Selling a house is easy with Est 2001.
Property classified listing
Advertise your property for sale or rent online.
Stop Repossession
Dedicated website that can help get you the best price for your property from committed cash buyers in your area.
The Property Buyers
If you want a quick house sale or are looking to sell your property quickly then we have a number of solutions for you as private property sellers by home owners.
The Smarter Choice
House buyers who can give a fair price for your house and pay in cash in 7 days. Helping people with bereavement, repossession, financial difficulties, relocation and emigration.
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